Christmas & New Year

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TRD09 6-7 Hours (Full Day) • 1 City • 3 Places

Travel in Pergamon City, Red Basilica and Asklepion & Discovery of UNESCO Heritage Site

From kusadasi Travel in the first capital of Rome in Asia minor, Pergamon ancient city. Full Day 9 hours tour to Pergamon Acropolis, Red Basilica and Asclepion.

Daily Private

From Izmir or Dikili or and Bergama
Pergamon, Pergamon Acropolis, Red Basilica (Kizil Avlu), Asclepion Hellenistic Medical Center

English, Spanish, Russian, German, French [...]

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TRP36 13 Nights/14 Days • 12 Cities • 18 Places

Travel in the Footprints of St. Paul

St. Paul was born in Tarsus Asia Minor (today's Turkey). St.Paul made 4 journeys to the Asia Minor. You will travel, Antioch, Smyrna, Ephesus, Iconium, Troy, and many more.

Private Package

From Istanbul
Istanbul, Adana, Antioch, Cappadocia, Aksaray [...]

English, Spanish, Russian, German, French [...]

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TRD170 12 Hours (Full-Day) • 1 City • 7 Places

Regular Travel In Ancient City Of Ephesus And Izmir

By flight from Ankara to Izmir for an educative tour. Full day regular travel in one of the seven churches of revelation, Ephesus, Smyrna and House of Mary.


From Ankara
Ephesus Ancient Site, The House Of Virgin Mary, The Temple of Artemis (Diana), Ephesus Archaeological Museum, Izmir Old Town and Castle [...]

English, Spanish, Russian, German, French [...]

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